Sunday, December 7, 2008


Is that really a word?

Well, it is now.

This has been one of those fun weekends you just want to bottle up and repeat. What? Oh, you want to know about what we did. OK, I'll tell ya then.

Friday Shane let me sleep in and I woke up to him getting Operation Christmas Cleaning kicked off. OH YES you heard me. You know I was in hog heaven. We did bathrooms, fans, baseboards, dusted, windexed, laundry, cleaned out the fridge. A clean house makes me just about as giddy as anything I can think of.

That night we went to my parents for nacho night and I decorated their fireplace mantel. It's big. They told me tonight they are having to watch T.V. over the jungle. Do they hate my masterpiece? Ha!

Saturday we ran errands and went to church for movie night. We watched Elf and had pizza. How much fun is that? Pretty dang fun that's right.

Today I went to a cookie swap and scored some fun cookies. Snickerdoodles is my trademark Christmas cookie. Last night I told Shane I realize it's a Christmas tradition for me to make Snickerdoodles this time of year. They are the bizzy baby. (i hope i didn't just cuss in code and don't know it...) Bizzy baby is just fun to say.

Tonight we trimmed trees to festoon the tables for a dinner we are having this week. Oh, it was so Martha and you know that makes me giddy too!!!

We just finished chili dogs and are watching a little football. I'm wearing my pink fuzzy pj's and allready have my face washed. I love putting on my yellow Clinique lotion and black Chapstick every night...that means it's almost time for a little beauty rest. Ahhhhhh.......


Jennifer said...

Ok, you keep writing about these cleaning missions of yours, and I have to ask: where are your kiddos while you do this? Is the baby not crying after a while? Are the older ones not just going along behind you and undoing everything you just did? Just wondering how you do this.

Megan said...

awwww! sounds so great! glad you had a nice weekend.