Monday, December 22, 2008

The South Pole

Only in the south can you stop at a trailer on wheels and buy a personalized airbrush license plate, a confederate flag and a bag of shelled pecans. Oh the wonder.

The Christmas cookies and candies are exceptionally good this year. We are enjoying ourselves. If you are reading this and needing a gift idea for me, just make it a gift card to Lane Giant because my buttons are popping off right and left.

My man bought me Jillian's work out tape. Still not sure how I feel about that, but I think it's sweet?

We made it through the quarterly hair cutting extravaganza for the boys this morning without any tears from anyone. First time ever.

Mr. Matt is the coolest barber ever. He has tats, boxes, jumps out of airplanes, has the patience of Job as he works with the boys, and introduced us to the wonderful world of hair glue.


Jenny said...

haha:) you're cracking up... do we even have a lane giant in town?

David said...

So, umm, what happened to the recipe?

bjdowns said...

I'll bring some brownies over and we'll 'watch' Julian together! Sounds like you are having a wonderful 12 days of Christmas.

Becke' said...

Have you watched the Jillie tape yet? Is it something I need to get or totally avoid? I am not into throwing up or crying while I work out!
Sure do miss that cookie recipe.