Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pardon my french, but I need help.

Please excuse the language in my last post, but I need your help.

We got the game Monopoly. At first it was really sweet. Family Game Night. Help the kids learn counting, numbers, money, etc.

Then it was impressive. After 10+ years of not playing, Shane still had every single detail of the game M-E-M-O-R-I-Z-E-D PEOPLE, and I'm not exaggerating.

Now it is just plain annoying. You roll the dice and he automatically starts smirking. Not good. I have to count out the spaces I need to go. He automatically knows as soon as you roll where you need to be. And he sucks you dry of any cash/property you own.

I need help. If you have any strategy will you send it my way? This is not pretty people. Fax me, email me, call me, whatever. Name your price, I'm desperate to win!

Let's just keep this between us and not let Shane know I'm getting "outside help", K?


David said...

I am not a monopoly expert, but a couple of things come to mind.

First thing you want to do is a cost/benefit analysis of each property. Basically, what percent of the purchase price do you end up getting back in rent. Go for the higher percentages and consider passing the lower percentages. If I recall, boardwalk and park place actually have relatively low ROI (return on investment). Do the same to determine how much more you get for each building.

Next, find out which spots are the most frequently landed on. Despite the random roll of the die, some spots are more likely to see visitors due to things like going straight to Jail, straight to Go, doubles to exit jail, or whatever. If I recall, the green properties get the most visitors, but you'll need to do some Googling to get confirmation.

Samantha said...

Yeah, Shane's knowledge of the game is ridiculous!

Thanks so much for having me over last night and spending time with me... y'all are such a blessing and I was so glad to be able to spend that particular evening with y'all. God was at work when he had Shane ask me to babysit!

Jennifer said...

Just slip him a little somethin', you know, to level the playing field a bit. :)

Becke' said...

OK, girl. Step 1: get rid of your compassionate heart and put on a vicious face! Step 2: Buy everything. Step 3: Don't show mercy or a weak face. Step 4: Tell him no s*x for a week if he doesn't let you win.

(Ummm, pretty sure I did NOT write that last step!)

Savannah said...

I am LOVING your 12 days of Christmas!!

-At the risk of sounding like a traitor to the fairer sex, I'd say... if the boy is giving you presents every day for over a week, let him win!!-
(but Becke's no you-know-what idea sounds good too)

Other than that... now that I'm (supposedly) a grown up, I know why my mother REFUSED to participate in any Monopoly game when I was a kid. Her family would have DAYS LONG marathon Monopoly games. I'm pretty sure she treats Monopoly like she treats a Ouija board.... like it's from the devil!!

ps- We're having a baby tomorrow!!

Michelle said...

Whoa that Becke is COMPETITIVE! I am glad I am not like that:) My advice is go big and buy often even if you have to borrow against your property. If all else fails, play a different game that you are better at than him.

Megan Schell said...

Man, I maybe won ONE TIME and it felt so good I agreed to play again and again with Justin just so I could hopefully win again. Nope. Not even close. It's like I'm in 10th grade math class with a 1st grade learning level! I think playing with some equals a little bit to sharpen the mind would be a good idea. So when you get some free time have some other loser players over and help each other out. And invite me!

Tricia said...

Umm... have you tried scrabble?

Domination nation said...

So the one time I actually check in on your blog and what do I see?

I think the best strategy would be full surrender. Sorry that for the third night in a row, you had to go to bed exhausted and broke!

Maybe you would fare better in spin the bottle?

(PS...I am no longer talking to Becke) ;)

bjdowns said...

I say decorate those cute little green houses and red hotels with mistletoe and have a good old time!

If that doesn't work, I'll send Matt over to give him some competition.

Wendy said...

I'm with Tricia....give up! My husband, Jim, DOMINATES Trivial Pursuit. So much so that NOBODY will play with him. Not me, not his mom, his dad, his brother or sister, or any other person who has gone up against him and failed. It's as annoying as all get it!

I did the same thing when we were first married. I played with him b/c I thought it'd be fun! Family game night! WRONG!

Anonymous said...

Well Honey, I think Jennifer and Tricia may be on to something...

My advice? Burn the stinking Monopoly set and give the man a lawnmower to push around.

HAHA aren't I the funny one now.