Saturday, December 13, 2008

Favorite Make-Up Products

As I was getting ready today I was thinking about some of my make-up products that I just love. Here they are.

#1 VOLUMINOUS MASCARA BY LOREAL-You know that email you get asking "if you were stranded on a desert island blah, blah, blah" Well, this would be it. This stuff is the best. I've been using this brand for 15 years or so. They are making a "fancier version" of this stuff with bells and whistles but you gotta stick to the original in this tube. AND DON'T GET WATERPROOF OR YOU WILL HATE ME.

#2 Touch Base for eyes-Clinique. OK. This stuff revolutionized my eye shadow wearing. You put it on with your ring finger and your eye shadow goes on very smoothly and stays on.

#3 Mac Eyeshadow. (Color:NYLON) Can we just take a moment to pause...I go through this stuff like crazy. Nylon is a pale gold with an icy metallic shimmer and it is to die for. Really. I could bath in this stuff but I try to keep it just to my eyes. It is highly pigmented and makes the next 2 colors you add P-O-P!

#4-Brush on creme eye liner (Color:Black). The Clinique man swore to me I would love this stuff. I turned to the dark side and decided to try it. It took a good 2 weeks before I fell in love with the stuff. Here is what is so great about creme eye liner. You can go with a thin line or a super thick line. Regardless of what you do, IT STAYS ON ALL DAY. Unless of course you watch a really sad movie in which case all bets are off.
#5 Merle Norman Make Up Brushes. These make all the difference in applying your eyeshadow.

#6 The good old-fashioned Q-Tip. If it's good enough for the Clinique man it's good enough for me. I like to apply Nylon with the Merle Norman brush, a lighter brownish color with a Merle Norman brush, then the Darkest color with a Q-Tip.
These are just a couple of my favorites! Do you have a product that you love? I'd be interested to know about it!

Lovin' a smokey eye,
Bugs & Sunshine

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The Merediths said...

So, before I had a child and was working and had more money to my name, I became addicted to Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation. I'm not the biggest fan of foundation because it always felt gummy or yucky to me but I swear by this stuff. The lady at the counter put it on with a fancy foundation brush so I had to buy that, as well. Love it.

I also love the Clinique eye shadow base. I became familiar with that when I got all new makeup after my pre-wedding makeover 5 years ago. I invested in that mess until I decided I needed to switch to drugstore brands. But, I agree. Wonderfulness.

Love the post. I love finding out about new beauty products. I'll have to look into that MAC mess. Sounds fab.