Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Sexy Hair. Not.

This morning was a Bad Hair Morning. I mean I Velcro rolled my hair. I curled it with a curling iron. I teased. I sprayed. I prayed.

And in the end I ended up with a badly done low pony tail. Oh the horror.

Then I went to church and got my praise on with my unTexas hair.

And now I'm about to get my nap on. Just needed to share. Nighty Night.


Jenny said...

hahaha... my hair is always flat as a fritter!

I know.. I never get to see you anymore!! Lately, I've been hanging out with sissy outside the sanctuary b/c of her stranger danger. I was going to take her to the nursery this morning but we had a bad night last night. I had a massive headache/neckache b/c of my blood sugar and Cam had to work on special projects from work til 4 am :(... it's been wild!!

Tricia said...

It was a bad hair day all around... the weather, you know. Ha!

Love catching up on your blog. You're such a hoot! Your boys are so handsome! :-)