Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've gotta new friend.

We haven't actually met, but she is so fun and I can tell we are Kindred Spirits. Her name is Nester. You can visit her at http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com/ .

Her living room is painted in Svelte Sage which is the shade I painted my last bedroom. Also, the youth room at church is painted in Svelte Sage. It's a nice sage with gray undertones which make it a good neutral option.

I. Have. The. Itching. To. Decorate.



Hammer in some fancy woodwork casings around my windows. I've allready been to Home Depot to inquire about this. The Home Depot dudes are very helpful.

My house is pretty eclectic in my decorating style, but I'd say I veer toward a Pottery Barn Spring/Summer style, and I Love Shabby Chic although I don't really have any pieces in my house. Yet.

My dream house would be all white, with toiles and plaids to beet the band.

My house with 4 boys would be lots of black furniture and family portraits framed in black and whites.

I'm hoping I can get to a fabric store in the next few days to satisfy my itching to decorate and create. And not the snooty one downtown either. See Fabric Store Trip From Hell Post . I want Erma at Hancock's.

This weekend we are tackling the closets that have exploded. It inevitably happens at the season changes. The clothing bomb goes off in the boys closets and we start running out of hangers and space for the clothes.

Well, little Jbird is crying so I'm out...


Stuart Fam said...

Crazy, but I used to make wreaths out of scrap fabric kinda like she was showing on that site. It was fun! How is Ina treating you?

Samantha said...

hmm... I love your idea of a dream house. toilles and plaids? yes please!