Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mama got sick

It was either food poisoning or the bug, but either way Thursday night I was awfully sick all night long. Yesterday I slept all day. Today I am very tired and my tummy muscles are sore.

Shane was very sweet to clean everything for us last night. One good thing about the bug is that we wash all the bedding, from mattress pads to duvet covers.

It's nice today so I'm airing the house out again.

Now I'm praying the babies stay well...


Stuart Fam said...

Girl! I am so sorry. Sounds to me like you need to stay in bed another day while Daddy takes the boys Christmas shopping (for you!)
Hope the rest of you stay well.

David said...

Not again! The last time y'all got a stomach bug and aired out the house, I got it 3 days later.

For the love of Mike, keep the quarantine! Just let that bug die in your house. Don't let it loose in Conway!