Thursday, April 3, 2008

Domestic Endeavors

This morning at around 7:30am it was storming so loudly outside. The thunder was really loud. Moose had, as usual, snuck into bed sometime during the night. Stinky Pete came in. Our routine is for me to scoot to the middle of the bed, and he gets in my warm spot. Would you believe he fell back to sleep and we didn't get up until 9:30! I love snuggling with those little guys in the morning-it is the sweetest.

So, about my domestic endeavors. A couple of friends and I are getting together tomorrow to learn how to make cloth napkins. Yesterday I went to this fabric store downtown, expensive nice fabrics, the whole nine yards. haha get it? nine yards!! fabric jokes are the BEST! Actually that is my first fabric joke ever. So, the lady was so rude to me. Being the rookie I am I had a few questions-really just one-where can I find the discount fabrics. I was already insecure about what I was looking for, not to mention the crew I had with me: a 2 yr old, 3 yr old, and me being 9 months pregnant. I told Shane how rude she was to me and he said you should have asked her one more question. "Excuse me mam, Can you tell me how to get to Hancock Fabrics please?!" Oh that would have been funny! I just think for an overpriced mom and pop joint you might want to have a little nicer customer service.

I am proud to say we did go to Hancock's today thank you very much and I am now the proud owner of 4 yards of fabric and 2 spools of thread! I will post pictures of our napkins when we finish! In the meantime, Erma was the nicest lady at Hancock and I'm going to name my napkin collection after her when I get famous.


Jenny said...

hehehe:) good ole Erma! Ooo, I hate it when people are rude for no reason. I'm usually such a bubbly, spastic person so I'm sure I just get on their nerves but still no need to be rude!:)
Can't wait to see the napkins.

Samantha said...

I enjoy Hancocks. I need to go there when I get home... I want to sew a skirt before I go off to camp :)

Anonymous said...

Of course the Hancock's woman's name was Erma, and of course Erma was helpful. All Erma's should be helpful.
Can't wait for the finished Line!

aprilt said...

Between you and Jennifer Felio, sometimes I feel so lazy! Do you know I still haven't made the bedskirt and blanket for Savannah's room... and I bought all the stuff BEFORE she was born!

Amanda said...

My first several experiences at Hancock's were awful. I had multiple old ladies get onto me about having Sam in the tiny cart and a screaming baby in the carseat. Thankfully, I held my tongue, but it was HARD. I'd love to see your napkins when you're finished!!