Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Note From Jibbers

This morning I had breakfast in my highchair. I am nearly 5 years old now and my Mama & Daddy finally decided to drag this thing out of the attic. It's nice. It looks like I have 2 brothers that have also enjoyed this chair. So, this morning I ate applesauce, oatmeal, and a banana in the mesh thing. My food thing is really nice but I think Mama feels like it is really messy, she says I'm worth it though. I ate Zwieback Toast and it felt good on my teeth. I have 6 teeth.

I am trying to learn how to crawl. I like to fake cough, blow raspberries, and babble things like Mama, Dadadadada, and Drop the Chalupa. Does anyone know what a chalupa is anyway?

I'm pretty much a lot of fun, especially since my teeth aren't bothering me so much these days. I just wanted to say Hi. Bye.


the Fosters said...

Just precious!! You gave me baby fever!

Jennifer said...

That is hilarious! I can't believe he's about to take off and crawl! I think Anna is content to just roll around on the floor--she can get wherever she wants to that way.

I tried that mesh thing with Anna, and she just put the ring end in her mouth. That child is never going to eat.

Jenny said...

Oh... I just love the video of him on all fours:) he looks like he's stuck. He's such a cutie-pie!!
Piper LOVES her mesh feeder, too:). She had some sweet potatoes tonight. I usually just put uncooked carrots in there for her to chew on.. makes her little gums feel good:)

I can't believe he already has 6 teeth!