Monday, November 10, 2008

Whistling Tea Kettle

Neddie gave me a whistling tea kettle for my birthday and it is very cute and fun. Stainless Steel. And it makes the Chai Tea taste better when the kettle whistles at you.

I'm enjoying a cup right now as a matter of fact.

The dishwasher is running.

All the laundry is done.

Our flame thrower thing died so I had to use real matches tonight to light the candles for dinner. I was reminded that I love the smell of a lit match. Or a blown out match I should say.

We had Rachel Ray's Broken Spaghetti and Mini-Meatball Stoup for dinner, a fall-favorite of mine.

Tommorow is supposed to be rainy and cold. I plan to light some candles, keep my lamps on, and bake something. Maybe if I get all my Bible Study done tonight, I can take a nap too.

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