Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Have I been created with a honing device that automatically draws me to the one gimp buggy in the store?

I have just returned from some Hobby Lobby Therapy, and my shoulder is tired from pushing the buggy that wanted to veer to the left during my Appointment.

I'm sure the tiredness in my shoulder has nothing to do with the cute green suede trash bag I carry over my shoulder.

So, on to more important things. My champagne taste. I found a fabric I am in love with. It is $39.99 a yard. I only want it for valances so that won't be so bad when it goes on 50% some day. The duiponi silk I want to make the panels is $21.99 a yard. That's where things start heating up. I'm thinking I'll need around 28 feet, which is 9 yards, which is, well, heck if I know, but it's gonna require some saving.

But it is time for change! And I'm a flip-flopper. One day I want to move and have more space. The next day I want to stay put and freshen up our current home. I love the coziness and openness of my home. And the sunnyness of it. The thing I want more than anything is a bigger kitchen and space to entertain. More storage would be bliss as well!

Here are the things I am currently doing to spruce things up:
  • My favorite thing is to downsize. This is easy to do and it gives instant results. The bottom line is when you have too much stuff that has no home it creates clutter.
  • Picking up after myself right away. If you already do this it is going to seem like a no-brainer. If you don't, it will change the way you feel about your day and your home. Really. Try it. It is easy to feel like you don't have time to put somethin' away right then and there, but why not? Especially when you are cooking. Put up and clean as you go and it will make you smile when you sit down to a clean kitchen.
  • Praying blessings over my home. Here are some things I ask God for. Peace. Safety. Joy. Warmth. Coziness. The Word of God spoken here. Laughter. Laughter. Joy. Forgiveness. Openess. Be a place of refuge and a haven.
  • Fabric hunting. My new BFF Nester told me I can paint and make curtains and stuff and I believe her. I am making curtains. And I'm going to make a table topper. And it is going to be amazing.

I'd love to know if anyone else has ideas that you like to do to make your house sparkle?


Samantha said...

Go to Hobby Lobby's website and print off the coupon for 40% off any single item in the store! If it's already on sale, then the 40% is off the original price, not the sale price, but still!

The Nester said...

YOU are gonna make all that stuff you want to make and yes, it IS going to be amazing!

Thank you for your really sweet comment over at my blog today!

And, you are so right about the picking up after yourself. I have recently realized I am sabbotaging or however you spell it, myself by not doing this no brainer simple thing.

Liz said...

I've got tons of plans that involve tarps and painters tape and sheets of bead board and money. But that's what they are... plans. Mostly I'm just hoping to dust the house before Christmas.

Savannah said...

"I'd love to know if anyone else has ideas that you like to do to make your house sparkle?"

...I just sprinkle glitter everywhere. At least it makes the dust prettier.

The Uptons said...

I just let chloe color and hang her creations everywhere...our current color scheme is pink, purple, and pink, lots of barbie and princess, accented with bugs of every color! just give the kids some colors, paper, and tape and walla!:)