Wednesday, November 12, 2008


McDonald's has the Madagascar toys in the Happy Meals. Your kids will love you.

They won't love you, however, if you drag them out of the bus into McDonald's to try a free crappy cup of the new coffee, and then exit stage left to the bus with no Happy Meals in hand because you just left Kroger with fixin's for dinner.

My kitchen is clean, dishwasher running, floor mopped.

My living room floor, however, is filled with toys, the boys clothes from today, discarded super-hero costumes, a soduko puzzle and pillows from the couches.

I've got my Aunt Jemima dew rag on and am trying to gear up for baths and pj's.

Cleanliness is so overrated...


Stuarts said...

Amen to that!

the Percifuls said...

You obviously didn't try the Vanilla Latte at McDonald's. Yummo!!

Savannah said...

Crapp coffee?? Try the hot chocolate! With caramel!

tiasmomma said...

i have to agree... i was trying to be good and had a sugar free vanilla latte... i'll pay the extra buck and keep my starbucks.