Monday, November 19, 2007

OCD Boy at the Beauty Shop

My family and I spent a fun morning at the beauty shop. When I say my family, there were 9 of us there at one time. It started for me with some calling to check on facial waxing prices. There are times when working on my own eyebrows will do, and there are times when you must call in the troops and enlist the help of professionals. After calling several salons charging $12, I called my mom, because I am from the $6-7 school. We found a salon to do it for $8 which sounded more like it. My Aunt from Texas who is in for the week and Mamaw were already there getting poofy hair for the holiday. Actually Aunt Linda was going platinum, which turned out very cool by the way. We turned it into a family affair which proved to be very enjoyable and entertaining. There is something about the sound of hairdryers and hairspray that is so comforting on a cloudy fall day, don't you agree?

Now about OCD boy. College fraternity guy. After his haircut, he spent an annoying amount of time trying to get the hair off his white tshirt (with his frat letters on it). Like, right at 10 minutes. It started with taking a hairdryer and trying to blow dry it off. I lost interest, but a long time later I look over and i'll be darned if he isn't still trying to dust his shirt off with a hand towel at this point. Then he goes to pay and says, "man, i sure do have a lot of hair on me," to which the hairdresser responds, "well honey, you are the the beauty shop." If there is one hope I have for that poor dude, something that obviously 18 years of haircuts has not taught him, but maybe his fine college education will, it is to change into your nice shirt AFTER your haircut.


David said...

If there is one hope that I have for that poor dude, it is that he will stop going to a beauty shop for a hair cut. Come on, man, go to a barber (unless you are just using it as a way to try to meet women). If you are short on cash, hit Elmo's in Conway. If you find yourself in LR, then Jerry's is the only place to go. (Pricier than Elmo's, but still only $12.) Tell him David sent you.

Amanda said...

Dang. Silly boy. Even my hubster knows that! Sounds like a fun family gathering! Haven't had my eyebrows done in a LONG time...need professional help.