Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cheap Entertainment

As if we didn't allready love Target before, I just keep loving it more and more!!!

Thursday me and my mamaw went to Target with the boys. We spent the longest time in the Christmas Department. The boys loved the singing and dancing stuffed animals, it was so sweet to see them looking at all the trees, lights, and singing toys. This is my recommendation for some easy free entertainment for the kids. And to top each Target trip off with a $ .99 popcorn/coke combo is the crowning touch.

We did end up going to Chili's after Target, and while we were sitting there enjoying lunch, Luke pulls out a Starbucks gift card from his pocket. So, at age 3 we had our first conversation on not putting things in our pocket at stores. We'll be taking the gift card back.


Megan said...

I took the boys to Sam's last weekend to purchase a present for a friend. I didn't think to explain all the Christmas stuff because I didn't know it was out already, and Jackson was too young at 19 months to really appreciate it last year. But when he saw the big Santa, sled, and reindeer blow-up lawn display this time, he was mesmerized. We had to go back by it several times, each time he yelled louder, "Bye reindeer!! See ya later!" It was hilarious. I can't wait to see what he'll say about the Christmas tree with all its ornaments and lights.

Becke' said...

What does Shane the youth pastor think of his little convict? Ha Ha--that is so cute!

Amanda said...

funny...your boys are something else!

Monkey Toes said...

I totally bribe Addie with popcorn at Target. In fact, she calls it the popcorn store.:O)