Friday, November 2, 2007

Moose went #2 in the Potty!!!

In the midst of cleaning/decluttering this week, we found these plastic underwear cover things. Why do we have them? It seemed like I was supposed to buy them, along with some insanely thick quilted looking underwear when SP was potty training. I think it was such a fun time I bought a package of everything on that aisle. This is the best use we've found for them, I love in this picture, how SP's eyebrows are all squished down.

Cracking me UP! SP wanted to Hide, I said, PLEASE show mommy your face, and Moose is priceless in this one, he was SO excited about getting a picture!

Yee Haw!!! Shane has been home this week, and we've been getting things done around the house. Here are the main things:

1. Clean out boys closet and bring out the winter clothes. In Arkansas that means you still leave a good amount of summer clothes in the closet for the winter, because I guarantee they will be wearing tank tops at Thanksgiving.

2. Clean out my office and make sure there is still a floor in that room.

3. Clean out the pantry. Sometimes I buy things that just seem like they should come home with me, including a jar of Wheat Germ. If anyone has an idea on what the heck I should do with it, send it my way.

4. Let Moose run around in big boy undies/or naked, and take him potty every 30 minutes. This had been going better than expected. Today was a great day. I remember the first time Luke went #2 in the potty, and I had the same reaction I had this morning, "OH MY GOSH, that is man poop and has no business being in a baby diaper!!!"

5. Try to tackle Moose's eating habits. All he wants to eat is bread. There has been a lot of crying at dinnertime, and he has missed several meals this week because he doesn't want to eat. So hard. Once I read a book that said, "Start as you mean to go." I think those people never had people over for dinner on a regular basis or never went to a restaurant with a 1-2 yr old who only wanted bread. When in public, we give the kid what he wants to eat, so we can visit. So what if he ate 52 packets of crackers at the restaurant?! I claim responsibilty for having to retrain in this area, and hope it doesn't take long.

-blogging has become such a fun outlet for me, it seems like I am connected to other mom's going through the dailyness of life, it has been a blessing

-this morning while on the computer, the boys pulled out the bag of string cheese, after two each, i decided to put the computer down and give the poor kids some oatmeal and pineapple cups (Moose was supposed to have the Roast/Potatoes/Carrots that he didn't eat for dinner, but mama couldn't smell that this am

-sp busted me this morning eating a snicker's from his candy bucket. it was the funniest thing ever. i hid the candy buckets in my office closet. while they were playing in the living room, i went in the closet for a snicker's fix. i peeked out of the closet and there was stinky, i jumped!! he scared me. i felt like a kid getting busted for doing something wrong. we both died laughing out loud for a long time. he thought it was funny to see mama in the closet eating a candy bar.

-blonder than i pay to be...last night shane told me he fixed our camera. "Anna, you have to change the batteries sometimes Love." nice. thank him for the pictures of plastic undies on the kids heads.

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Amanda Geidl said...

You're so funny. I have a recipe for granola that's pretty easy that uses wheat germ. I'll email it to you if you send me your email through myspace.