Thursday, November 1, 2007

12 weeks, 4 days, 3 pounds

We went to the doc today for our 12 wk check-up. This pregnancy has been a roller coaster of a ride so far. I have been dealing with Hyperemesis (HD for short), which is severe morning sickness. I'll try to give somewhat a picture of what HD has been like for me (when I share my story, I do not do it with a complaining spirit at all). I have been confined to the house for about 2 months, several weeks I was unable to get out of bed due to the dehydration, fatigue, and weakness.

HD left me feeling more weary than I have ever felt. It was a constant state of throwing up, starving, being thirsty, stomach cramps at times because my digestive system has gotten all out of whack, 2 trips to the hospital, being unable to care for myself, my husband or my kiddies. For weeks, my mamaw had to coordinate with Shane and come to the house every day when he left for work.

One of the side effects of HD is depression. When I felt myself getting very low in my spirit, I had to change my thinking. I tried for weeks to "will" myself out of the sickness. Hoping that positive thinking or willpower would help me get better. That didn't work, so I began to look for any joyful things the days brought my way. Only throwing up 2 times in a day-a great day, the boys laughing, snuggling in bed with me on cold mornings, moving to the couch to lay and being able to look out the window, being able to tolerate and keep down a glass of juice, anything! God in his goodness has kept my spirits up, and taught me multiple lessons. I am on my second day of keeping food down for the entire day, and this week at the doctor I gained my first 3 pounds of the pregnancy, which is HUGE!! I was so excited!

Now for the baby report. At 8 weeks I got my blood taken. I developed something called RH Sensitization with Moose during our second pregnancy. Simply put, we had different blood types and my body began developing antibodies against the baby to try to eliminate it from my body.

At 20 something weeks we began seeing a specialist with Moose to monitor how he was reacting. At that point the hope was to get me to 32 weeks before we had to deliver. God blessed us so much, and I believe through the power of many people praying for healing, Moose made it to full term and only had to stay in the hospital a week. We got his blood taken for a few months to make sure his red blood cells were recooping, and now he is a haas of a boy.

We call him Moose because he is a little bruiser. That background to tell you about our 8 week bloodwork. My doc called me with the results which were grim at first. My antibodies at 8 wks were allready as high as they were with the end of the pregnancy with Moose, not a promising report. A couple of days later, she had spoken with our specialist in LR and called with better news. He said the antibodies could just be left over from my pregnancy with Moose. They hadn't necessarily gone from 0-64 in 8 weeks.

So, I have anxiously awaited this dr. visit for weeks. Dr. L did an ultrasound and everything looked amazing. The baby was kicking his feet and arching his back (I say his, don't know the sex of the baby). We have been cautiously excited, not knowing what to expect with my RH factor and how it will effect this baby. We go to LR to see the specialist Jan.2nd, and we will know more then about how the RH is effecting the red blood cells of the baby. We still have a long road ahead, and this baby may have to put up a tough fight, but as of right now the baby is growing and looks healthy and active. Praise you Jesus!

Last, but not least, I want to praise God for his provision for our family during my sickness. It has been so abundant and overwhelming. Shane has basically been a single dad and done it with a joyful heart. When I say it, I mean going to work, coming home, cooking, cleaning, laundry, feeding the boys, bathing them, everything.

My mamaw has come over for weeks to care for the boys during the day. On one particular trip to the ER, my sister and neighbor JoAnn were over in a matter of minutes so we could get to the hospital. My mom and dad have come over and deep cleaned the house a couple of times, bought groceries, cooked meals, and been very supportive. My friend Brit did a jewelry show for me, and my friend Becke' has coordinated meals for us. For weeks people have been bringing food to feed my family. To say God's provision has been overwhelming is an understatement. To me, God has been my sustainer and provider in the deepest way, and I love Him dearly for it.


Megan said...

I'm glad to hear about the baby's good progress, and I hope you will continue to be able to keep food down.

I'll be praying for you.

Amanda Geidl said...

Wow! I had no idea. I was RH negative with Sam and had to have Rhogam at 28 weeks and then another dose after his birth b/c his blood type was the opposite (I can't seem to keep that straight!), and I ended up doing the same thing with Maryn. Is this the same sort of thing? Did they not catch it with your first pregnancy? I'm a little confused and curious b/c I didn't realize it was still a problem when they have the rhogam. That's really incredible how people have stepped up! Praise God for a healthy baby!

The Merediths said...

Anna! Congrats! But, I'm sorry you have had a rough first few weeks but I'm glad your days are getting better!! You may kill me--we are trying so hard to move down to Conway and half of our life is in Fayetteville and half of it is in Conway and I must have misplaced my calendar. We are actually going to be out of state next weekend!! I am SO SORRY!! I hope I didn't really mess your schedule up!! Email me sometime at

Amanda Geidl said...

Dave is working Sat and Sun mornings. I have book club Sat morning. I wanted to clean the garage. We have fleas courtesy of our LOVELY dog. So, we're gonna bomb the house and clean everything. Having dinner w/ some folks from church on Sat. Do you read? If so, you should read a book that a guy at our church wrote...HILARIOUS. _Flashbang_ by Mark Steele. Check it out.

Stephanie said...

I'm proud of you for hanging in there! If i was there I would be cooking Aunt Twinkies for you!
love and miss ya friend!