Sunday, December 2, 2007


  • stinky pete tried to call aunt neddie over thanksgiving and called the po-po instead. they called back and my dad assured them we were all ok.
  • i made horrible fun of stores opening at 4am the day after thanksgiving, and darn it if shane and i didn't get up at 3:45am and join the frenzy! we got toys for our boys, nieces and nephews. we have 6 family birthdays from nov-jan, so we got some bday gifts too. we found some great deals! there were 15 wii's in conway, and shane bought the 15th one for a friend!
  • i am 17 weeks pregnant. our doc appt last week showed that everything seems to be looking good. the baby is growing really great. we are very thankful since it has been raised on a diet of sprite, phenagren and zofran.
  • we are waiting until delivery to find out the sex of the baby. torture i know! there are so few things you can truly be surprised about in life, and that is just one thing that is a true fun surprise. people say, what if you have a girl?!! they obviously haven't met my family who would have a pink wardrobe washed and ready in 2 hours.
  • this morning i woke up and felt amazing. i even ate breakfast and it tasted SOOOO GOOD. i have never thanked God so much during a meal, it tasted so good and i was so thankful. for the curious reader, it was toasted beer bread ( with fried eggs. what a crazy meal, but oh so good! the gourmet brecky of champions.
  • since brecky was so good, we went to pizza inn after church. i'll admit i was somewhat embarrassed at the spread laid before me. picture it, 3 plates. one piled high with salad and banana peppers, one with supreme pizza no mushrooms, and one with spaghetti sauce to dip the pizza in. oh, and a glass of water with 2 lemons!
  • i took a prenatal vitamin last night!
  • moose is talking and says the most darling things. i am not used to a young 2 yr old being verbal since stinky pete was not that way, but he makes me laugh and laugh and i love him for it!
  • stinky pete is becoming so independent. he plays the wii, and is awesome at bowling. we had high school students over one night last week and my boy gave them a run for their money. when he wakes up he can come and watch tv by himself. it's a mixed emotion of joy and sadness at how he is growing up, it's happening too fast!


becke' said...

I had some of that beer bread the other aren't kidding, it is so yummy!

annawanamaker said...

i don't know why, but it is so good! i made it with a can of sprite and it was so yummy! that is my kind of cooking when all you do is add a can of sprite to a mix and out comes a loaf of bread :)!