Sunday, November 18, 2007

i LOVE my baby boys!

for a million are a few...

  • moose calls his big brother wkie

  • stinky pete constantly tells us, "i wuvs you!!!" (i love you)

  • when they wake up in the morning they kiss each other and say, "i wuvs you!"

  • stinky pete says pardon me when he burps, instead of excuse me

  • when they are thirsty they ask for a sip, instead of a drink

  • they look so cute running around in spiderman underwear and diapers

  • this morning at church sp packed his spiderman backpack. when he got to sunday school, he sat in the floor with mr. chris and began unloading the contents of the backpack. curiosity (and a little fear) got the best of me, so i stood to watch what he took out. clearly he had only packed the necessities for a morning at church: dirty batman t-shirt that he slept in and ate breakfast in this am, gray shorts he slept in (also dirty), his baseball hat, and his spiderman tennis shoes. yes!

  • that moose carries his blue blanky around everywhere, and the minute he touches it his thumb goes into his mouth and he looks amazingly sweet
This is a picture of SP after changing out of church clothes, and back into the contents of his backpack...

This is Moose, who picked out this outfit after lunch, and put in on himself, toga style!

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