Monday, April 1, 2013

This Fine April Fool's Day

I thought about telling you we were having a baby for a joke but then decided that'd just be too mean.

You should know I really love April Fool's Day.  In college, we had a really great choral director.  He ran a very strict program and we always did exactly what we were told.  This is strange, I am warning you, but I always thought it would be rip roaring hilarious if we all just sat down on the risers mid-rehearsal for a joke.

Do you want to know the reason I'm in a bad mood today?  Because when I click post I'm driving up to the Weight Watcher meeting.  You may remember I was supposed to go back in January but here we are on April Fool's and I've fooled around and not gone back.

There have just been too many good things to celebrate and I am the Queen of Excuses.  I'll find any doggone reason to celebrate, and usually it is with Mexican.  Hmmm.  It's Thursday!  Let's party!!!  I am not even lying.

Stinkin' old Weight Watchers really does work and I love it but I hate it.  I love that I can eat what I really want.  I love that I have control and say.  I hate that I have to make choices.

Here's what I mean by that.

Last year when I was on WW we'd go on dates.  I got 28 points a day and 49 extra points a week to spend when and where I wanted.  In my mind it was like cash...I got to budget where I wanted to spend and I had to spend them!

I loved saving my extra points for the weekend because weekends were made for good food and fun.  So I was a stickler with my extra points.  They were for weekend use only. 

One Tuesday we went on a date.  Since it was not the weekend, we went to Subway for subs and Baked Lays.  Movie with no popcorn and we had a great time.

Another  mid-week date was my favorite Mexican place, Cantina Laredo.  What I really love are the cheese/chicken enchiladas.  So that is what I got-2 a la carte enchiladas.  Chips/salsa and I was in heaven!

Skip forward to Valentine's day when I was not on WW.  We rolled up to the Mexican food joint and they were having a $20 special.  One appetizer, two entree's, one dessert for $20.  Cha. Ching.

After barrelling my way through a large cheese dip, 3 enchiladas and strawberry nachos I was happy happy happy.

But you can see the difference.  Cheese dip, one more enchilada than I really needed, I went ahead and ate the beans and rice even though they weren't my favorite, and you would have seriously been impressed at the speed in which we devoured the strawberry nachos.  Lord have mercy, it was impressive.

So I'm going back today to stand on the scale.  I'm kind of excited and kind of not.  I am signing up for 14 weeks, so if you want to join me come on.  Our vacation is going to fall in this time, but it is what it is.  This is the reason I haven't rejoined.  Because there is always something fun on the agenda that I don't want to miss out on.

Thank you and good-bye.

Hopefully this time next week there will be one pound less of me to love.  I'll let you know.


Kim Tallent said...

I am with you on the Weight Watchers thing. I joined online 2 months ago and just started last week because there was always something to celebrate. I have a good 20 pounds to lose, so I'm right there with you! We CAN do this!!

P.S. I love reading your posts! You are always so real and so encouraging to us normal folks.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

WW is having a special that begins today. No joining fee ($40) and you can join for 10 weeks for $120.

Anonymous said...

Well, Anna, I too am back on the food watch after about 6 weeks of packing on some pounds. I was oh so close to my goal when I fell off the wagon. So here is to us !!! May we reach our goal and KEEP it off !!!! Love you

New Every Morning said...

You can do it! Waving my banner for you today as you begin.