Monday, April 22, 2013

For Sale By Owner

Several Sunday nights ago, after we put the kids to bed, Shane and I sat down at the kitchen table.  He asked me what I thought about opening our home for college students to live with us for a year long discipleship program.  I loved the idea which is why we put this sign in our yard tonight.

We love our house and neighborhood.  As much as we love our house, we knew there was only one way to see if this was a path the Lord wanted us to walk down.

So we decided to see if our house would sell.  We don't have another house in mind yet.  It is exciting following God and seeing if and where this will lead.

So if you or anyone you know are looking for a 1940 square foot house in the center of town, call us.  Our house has new carpet, Pottery Barn paint colors, new 18x18 tile, and more.  I'm what you might call a bit of a neat freak, so the house is move in ready.

Please pray for us if we come to mind.  We are asking God to open the doors and keep them closed as He sees fit.  We want obedient feet of faith that follow Him.  We want to say yes and walk through every door He opens.


Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

Your home is lovely! However things turn out I know the Lord has His hand on it all.

New Every Morning said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! What a big step of faith! I read this right after you posted it, but my computer was acting up (shame, shame) and I couldn't stay online long enough to comment.

Praying for you all! What an exciting and sometimes overwhelming step!