Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Everyday Happenings

This weekend I took a photography class.  One thing is certain.  I do not have a career in professional photography.  I am, however, forcing myself to shoot in manual mode to try to figure it out.  I apologize in advance that as I practice my pictures may be darker or brighter than they should.  It is surely fun practicing and learning though.

These pictures are of a morning captured on film.  Some days start groggy and slow.  Some start sunshiny and cheerful.  Our day started with the sunshiny variety.  I never can find any rhyme or reason to the puzzle, but am always thankful the sunshiny days.

Except for a brief swiping of the math paper so the littlest could practice his letters, and a game or two of bop-it, we managed to stay on track this morning.

I love this face.  This morning I just stopped and enjoyed watching him work.  Those long eyelashes and that face dotted with freckles are pure joy.

And this little guy.  Growing up so fast.  A year older now.  We are halfway done with raising him in our home.  The next half will fly and I am trying to slow to enjoy the next half as much as I enjoyed the first half.

Hold on one minute!  That is what I say about them growing so fast right before my eyes.

And now I hear yelling of the "That's not nice dummy head!" variety so I must go tend to the circus.


Amy said...

Yay for photography! I didn't know you got a DSLR, how exciting!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of sweet Red doing his worksheet and your guitar player. Thanks for always encouraging my heart and always making me laugh! Much love!