Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Razzlebery Pie

This is my weekly tracker.  Once a week you jot down what you've got going on during the week.  This helps you plan when you might want to use your extra 49 points.  I'd like to direct your attention to Wednesday if I may.

Bible study night.  I had Razzleberry pie on the menu for dessert tonight.  I have been thinking about that piece of pie since Monday.  Razzleberry pie is a mix of blackberry, blueberry and raspberry and it is heaven in a pie pan.  That piece of pie was going to cost me 10 of my 26 points and I was going to make a way to enjoy my piece of pie.

This is my first day on the program.  I ate what I had at the house.  No pie?  No problem.  But Wednesday?  Wednesday we eat pie.

And this is a picture of my beloved pie that I burned about an hour ago.  I turned broil on for just a sec to brown the top a wee bit.  Then I got sidetracked working with one of the boys.  Then I started to smell something awful.

My pie was completely charred on top.

Words cannot convey the depth of my heartbreak over this tragedy.

After a bit of pie surgery, this was the best I could come up with.  No buttery and golden sugar cascaded top baked to perfection.  Only charred bits of dashed dreams remain.

When I say I have been excited about having a slice of this pie, I mean, I have been excited. 

What's that?  You just broke a window?  It's cool, I'm having pie Wednesday night.

Hmmm?  You just overflowed the toilet?  It's all good, pie is on the docket for this week.

You just colored a mural with permanent Sharpee on the wall in the hall?  No big whoop, let's eat pie.

Last night, after I got in my pj's, I got my tracker out to plan for today.  I started from the bottom up since I knew for sure I was getting pie tonight.  I knew I may have to eat lots of lettuce leaves, water and air but it was all going to be worth it.

And here I sit, jipped.  I ate the lettuce.  I ate the air.  I drank the water. And my dreams have been dashed.

As I sit here, it is as if the Pie Nazi has visited me.  No pie for you! Goodbye old friend.  I hardly knew ye.

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Amy said...

What a senseless tragedy. So, so sorry, Bugs. There are no words.