Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Bunny Truth

Dear my 25 favorite family, friends, and creepers,

Just dropping in to say a quick hello before I'm off for the day to stomp around in the rain all by myself.

This morning while I was putting on a toned down smoky eye Shane told me we are telling the boys the Easter Bunny, Santa and The Tooth Fairy are not real.

It kind of really threw me for a loop, but I understand why and am in agreement.  As our boys are getting older and we are teaching them about Jesus who is real, we don't want any doubt that what we are telling them about Jesus is true.

This by no means puts me in a camp where I judge folks who do Easter baskets.  We'll still have an Easter basket and a gift from Santa (I'm assuming) but it will be a fun little addition.  It's never been the main focus by any means, but we feel like it is time for our boys to know the truth.  I'll be honest, it is a bittersweet thing for me.

And in case you are wandering we are trick-or-treaters.  I love fun size Snicker's too much not to be. 

The boys are having a camp out at our house tonight (it got rained out).  So I'm getting kicked out.  I'm giddy! 

For anyone considering homeschooling, this article on homeschooling is a great read. 

Well, ya'll have a great weekend!


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