Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Sanctuary Of Time

It is my favorite chapter in the entire book. The chapter on slowing time.

Just yesterday I was feeling so worn down from the pace we keep.  Even in our attempt to keep the schedule simple, it still stays busy.

There is never enough time to stop, sit, and enjoy.  Living unhurried does not come natural.  But these two, they are the two that live unhurried.  The oldest and the youngest.  Never in a rush and there is always enough time to sit and have a cup of orange juice together.

Last night I read how slowing weighs down the moment and causes time to multiply.  It causes you to be able to breathe and fully enter into the moment.  I know the Jim Elliot quote from my college days.  Wherever you are be all there.  The plaque hangs on my wall.  Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life.

It was late last night when I read the truths.  I couldn't wait to wake up this morning and try it out.  Try out slowing down and not being a in a rush today.  So curious about if it really works or not because I have forgotten.

And it is true.  This morning has been a million times better than yesterday.  My insides haven't been wound up over the unimportant.  Things with littles move slower than I'd like and this morning it has been ok and we've all been happier.  I am excited to watch the wonder unfold today.

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