Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Patio

I love sitting on the patio in early evening. It is the most peaceful and relaxing place on earth.  Birds darting around, chirping and playing.

The last few rays of sun shining in patches.  Blooming trees snowing blossoms everywhere.

Friday after we sent dirty boys in for baths, I stayed to hose off the patio.  And when I was done I sat down and enjoyed the quiet yard.  I could hear loud boys bathing and laughing behind glass bricks.

(guess who opted out of swim attire?)

There was laundry to take out of the dryer and fold.  Dishes needing washed.  And dinner, something should be done about dinner.  But I just made myself sit and enjoy.  And it was so nice.

It was peaceful and relaxing.

Last weekend we ran and ran.  So busy.  Saturday we were cleaning out the garage.  Shane and the boys went to run an errand.  I finished packing up a bookshelf I was working on (packing?  what?).  And that is when it hit me.

I am in a house all by myself.  Working.  That is when I took my book and marched myself right out to the patio.  Sat myself down and read and prayed and rested.

Same thing two weekends ago.  There was so much to be done.  There is always so much needing to be done.  But Saturday was almost gone and we had spent no good time together in the hustle and bustle of the day.  So I made myself sit with the boys in the living room to watch March Madness together.  Made myself stop and play with jungle toys and little people on the floor.

Stopping and resting and entering in to what is going on takes a huge amount of effort for me.

Are you this way?

If anyone has tips on developing this discipline and habit I would love to hear your thoughts.

It feels like my days slip away from me.  Days slipping away turn into weeks, months, years.

Last night we stopped and synced up calendars.  Trying to live intentional will not happen by accident.  As diligent as we try to be about not joining the fast paced rat race of our culture, we still get sucked in.

Looking at all that is on our plate, it was sad.  Weekends spoken for.  Weeknights spoken for.  A life slipping away and we're letting it.

If you want to be intentional it may require doing the hard thing.  Saying no to some things so you can say yes to the best thing.  It may require less lessons and leagues.  Everything we choose to sow will reap a consequence.  Every single thing.

Sunday night I stood in a friend's driveway chatting under the streetlight.  You know, she said, we're going to have teenagers in five years.

And that is why we protect.  That is why we seek to live intentional.  Because we've only been handed a handful of years to invest in them.  Then our work is mostly done and a new season quietly ushers in.

Yesterday was a tear filled day for me.  Getting priorities right is not easy.  Giving up some things so you can have margin can be painful.  It requires sacrifice. 

One of my favorite all time quotes came across my radar a few years ago,

"We can have as much fruit as we are willing to sacrifice for"

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New Every Morning said...

Oh friend, I feel your heart on this one! Our oldest will start high school in August, which means I only have about 1 more month of homeschooling her. While I know it is what we are supposed to do as a family, it is still HARD. Our spring has engulfed us. I hate that I'm wishing it away. But I am ready for the calm of summer. The slower pace and the ability to claim our hours back.