Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ninja Money

The Tooth Fairy has been very generous to our top teeth recipients lately.  It all started about three weeks ago when our oldest lost both of his top teeth due to an unfortunate run in with a dressing room door on a back to school shopping trip.  He earned five dollars due to pain and suffering and what not.

This little fella had a run in with a knee during a wrestling match Tuesday night.  The tooth came out during the night.  We thought he swallowed it but ended up finding it in his bed.  Last night the Tooth Fairy brought him $2.50 for his tooth. 

He came in my bathroom this morning and laid the loot on my counter and unveiled his big plans.  We're going to go get frozen yogurt and then I want to go to the pizza place and get me and my brothers 11 Ninja's from the toy machine.  Melt.  He wants to spend his tooth money on toys for him and his brother.

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Anonymous said...

So what I want to know is how much the oldest W screamed when he hit his mouth??? :):) I hope you are doing well, friend. I was thinking about you today!