Tuesday, August 21, 2012



It's what the woman in our story was called today.

Goodwife kept a fire burning in her home for two solid years.  There were no matches in her day, so it was very important that she kept the fire lit.  Other women would carelessly let their fires burn out.  When they needed hot coals to rekindle the fires, they'd go to Goodwife for help.

Something about that story makes me happy.  The picture of a woman keeping her home in such a way that the fire stays lit.  Goodwife needed the fire to cook.  Don't you know the family found comfort in the crackle of the fire day in and day out.  Provision.  Comfort.  The familiar.

Two things I like to do in the evening, around 5:00pm are,

~light a candle in the main room

~turn the lamps on

It signals that dinner is almost ready.  As you get busy with homework, dinner, dishes, baths, stories, the sun goes down and your living room has a nice ambiance.

Last night I ran by a friend's house to borrow something around 8:00pm.  Her house was so peaceful.  Dinner was over, the dishwasher was humming, counters wiped, the kids were in bed and the lamps were on.  It was a place of peace.  Everything was neat and tidy and her house was cozy.  It made me want to stay for hours visiting because it was so inviting.

Your home have the exact same feel.


Candles.  Lamps.  Two simple things you might want to try tonight.  See if it makes your home cozy and blesses your family.

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