Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mansion Parties

We attended two birthday parties today.  When I came out of my room after getting ready, with hair, make-up, real clothes and jewelry on, my middle boy said,

"Mom, this is not a mansion party, you don't have to look your best!"

That boy, I'm telling you what.  Apparently I've been taking the yoga pants deal a little too far.

Tonight I had a cupcake at the Dinosaur Oden party.  Came home, calculated it and found out it was a 10 point cupcake. 


It's OK though because I've done good on my Weight Watcher Points this week.

Every week you get an extra 49 points to spend.  I hoard those babies till the weekend.  Oh, and guess what else I found out.  Each week, I enjoy a 4 day weekend.  Realized it Thursday night when I kicked my weekend off.  Isn't that nice, only to have a 3 day week.  I just like to party and celebrate and have fun I guess.

Tuesday night we had a $13 date.  Our sweet friends from church came over and watched the boys and we went to the movies to see a VIP showing of Unconditional, the movie.  Yeah, that's right, the screen said VIP.  How do you like me now?  Technically Shane got the invite so I guess really he's the famous one.  He does have 1800 Facebook friends so that would make sense.  We ate Subs at Subway where you can have it your way but don't go crazy.

Speaking of sandwiches, I've always hated sandwiches.  Do you like them?  One of my best friends is a sandwich aficionado.  Me, not so much.  Only, wait for it...wait for it...I am changing my ways.  The secret is toasting your bread first.  It makes it less sandwichy somehow.  Try it, I know you'll like it.

I've got some good recipes coming down the hopper for ya' so get ready.  And Monday I'll let you know how much weight I have lost in the last 3 weeks.

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Leslie said...

I only eat toasted sandwiches too.