Tuesday, June 29, 2010


You might as well know my favorite things to talk about in the world are food, decluttering, The Bible, and cleaning. I'm so interesting I know.

This morning I pulled out 3 trash bags. The boys closet. The never ending monster. I labeled one bag "Give AWAY". Then 2 are for consignment. One is labeled "Fall Consignment" the other "Summer Consignment." The nice, unstained things that I'm done using went into the consignment bags. The stained, slightly tattered stuff that I never put the boys in when I'm dressing them went in the give away bag. The bags are filling up. I'm so sick of the overstuffed drawers and things hanging in the closet or dropping on the floor.

Getting ready each day is so much easier when you have just a little to choose from. Laundry time is much faster too.

76. That is the number of empty hangers I had when it was all said and done.

My mission right now is simplifying. This summer we are not committed to anything. No deadlines to meet, nowhere we have to be. The days are long and wide open and it feels so good. We passed up great opportunities and it was hard. We are people magnets and thrive on a full schedule. Earlier in the summer I told Shane it felt like God was putting in my mind to spend the summer focusing on our marriage and parenting. So, that's where we are.


Spending time with each other.

Reading books.

Sitting at the dinner table together.

Getting good rest.

Drinking our fair share of Sonic shakes.

Driving around in the evenings.

Learning to ride our backs without training wheels.

Swimming in the backyard.

Trying to tack each day as it comes and enjoy it in its fullness.

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Anonymous said...

And you are doing a fantastic job. 76 hangers that never need to full again! Praise God. Thanks for all you do. You are a wonderful wife, Terrific mom & and adequete mathmatician!