Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cheap Summer Fun

Movie & Candy Night- Rent a Redbox Movie for $1 and let the kids go inside and each choose their favorite candy. Total cost for a family of 5=$6.00

Soda Run- after dinner one night yell SODA RUN! Everyone load the bus and go get cokes. We like Cracker Barrell, they have fun Stewart's drinks in glass bottles and you can sit on the porch in the rocking chairs and play the ginormous checker's games. Sonic & Gas Stations with good ice are also fun choices.

Milkshakes- Right now Sonic has shakes Buy 1 Get 1 FREE. Trust me that the Pineapple shakes are fruity, tropical and refreshing! We like to drive around town looking at houses while we enjoy our shakes. It's the time of day where the sun is going down, the streets are empty, the dishwasher at home is running because dinner is done and cleaned up and when we get home the kids will get in bed and the day will be done. This is one of my personal favorites.

Popcorn & Movie Night- Rent a Redbox. Get a 6 pack of Cream Soda from the store and have them chilled. Put the popcorn in brown paper lunch sacks for each person. Toss some M& M's in the popcorn bags! Lay a big quilt on the living room floor and give everyone their own sack of popcorn and cream soda. This one is so Martha Stewart.

If you think about fun little ways of food presentation you can turn simple ideas into extra special treats for your family.


Jenny said...

love them all:) right now they have these little plastic popcorn holders (@ Walmart on their seasonal aisle, I think) that have Toy Story on them, they also come with a pck of popcorn each for only $2. I bought them and plan to get a lot of use out of them over the next couple of years:)

Alison said...

Just an FYI...hubs and I had a movie and candy day yesterday. Went into Kroger to get some "movie candy" and there are certain candies you can get and if you by get a FREE redbox movie! We had popcorn at it was a great afternoon!

Mrs. Sojourner said...

Fun ideas! Oh, how I miss Redbox!