Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have never seen the Hoarder show but know I'd be in heaven if I did. People talk about it though and it's always a great conversation.

76 empty hangers yesterday. Does an empty closet make you sleep better at night? Yeah, it does me too. That is unless the baby decides to keep me up all night. That's OK too though, because then I can just think about the organized space.
I've been thinking through if I hold things too tightly. Why do I need to save things beyond their use anyway? Aren't there people who could use them now. If we sell them couldn't we use the money to meet needs we have today versus saving up for the future?
God providing for our needs every single day is so obvious. Last night I walked into my parents house. They had bought us a box of Overnight diapers. We had two left. We were leaving for vacation two weeks ago and a precious family gave us $100 out of the blue. It is humbling when God provides so extravagantly and unexpected. I want to give away more and keep less at home. Live within the boundaries of today.


Geidlbots said...

As soon as I find out the sexes of my babies, I am going to go through the 12 tubs of clothes (not exaggerating) and only keep the ones I will use and a couple of memorable ones to hang onto for my grandbabies. It is high time for this to happen!!!

And, girl stuff is way harder to get rid of than boy stuff. I have way more girl stuff than boy stuff too.

New Every Morning said...

amen and amen! My husband and I are the opposite of pack-rats. We love to purge. I just purged ALL of my kitchen cabinets. It was so freeing to pack up 3 large boxes. I had a friend come over and "shop". She was delighted to get free stuff; I was delighted it was going to a new home.

BTW, I've tried to leave comments on your blog for over a week and it keeps rejecting me. I think it's my computer, not your blog. But I just wanted you to know that I've been keeping up w/ you and miss our "blog-dialogue" HUGS!!!