Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Cedar Vacation

My parents took us to Big Cedar Lodge for vacation last week. It was very relaxing. We went swimming, fishing, shopping and had a lot of fun. I read Ted Dekkar's book Blink and enjoyed it. This is the boys with their Pappa the first morning we were there. They were watching excavators and back hoe's build another lodge.
This little guy ordered Crab Legs at Joe's and ate every last bite.

This is Nanna and the baby playing with a toy shark that came on our drink.

My dad took all the kids on a Skunk Hunt. He gave all the kids a flashlight and those Darth Vader glow in the dark sticks. We actually found a skunk as we were walking into our condo. He was on the stairs.

This is my fisherman husband Shane. He and my brother in law Chad did a lot of fishing.
The boys got balloon swords from Sugar the clown.

Thanks for a great week Nanny & Poppy!


Geidlbots said...

Looks like fun!!! Glad you got a little getaway!

Becke' said...

sweet memories. precious pics. can't wait to catch up.

New Every Morning said...

MMMkay. I am married to a hunter-kinda-guy, but I have NEVER heard of skunk hunting.
Pee-ewww! :)

So glad you had a wonderful week with family.