Friday, June 25, 2010

Clinque Drama

A couple weeks ago I ran by the Clinique counter to grab some make-up. The Clinique Lady said they were having a complimentary eye make-over that day. I said, "Thank you, I just need a bottle of Stay Ivory please." She goes to get it, comes back and says, "Sit down." I did sit down and before I knew it she had whipped the make-up off my right eye. Dang I thought, I didn't want an eye make-over today, I'm in a hurry. Plus, we all know I watched the Smokey Eye You Tube video the last time Shane was out of town.

The Clinique Lady proceeds to put on her reading glasses and looked at me for an uncomfortable amount of time. I was like, oh heavens, what is she looking at me like that for? Then she says, "What's with the eyebrows?" The wheels are turning, I'm like, "Uh, I don't know?" I mean, I've been plucking regularly. Is she thinking they look good or bad? Then the horror. She handed me the mirror and showed me how my right brow is like a million miles shorter than my left. What tha???? Did I DO THAT (Steve Erkel Voice)????

I wear make-up every. single. day. You'd think I would've noticed the GREAT DIVIDE. This is what getting 4 people ready every day is doing to me. Don't worry though, I'm now the proud owner of an Eyebrow Pencil. Geesh.

So then she says, "You been wearing black eyeliner since the 7th grade?"

I'm like, "NO, Actually the Clinique Man just sold it to me last year."


"I'm like, I don't know his name."

"I'm really proud Michael would recommend the creme liner, but you need brown. I wear black (she was a black lady) so if I'm wearing black then it is too dark for you dear."

Drama. Pure Drama I tell you. She railed me to pieces. You need to know something though. I've been looking at everyone's brows since The Incident. I can't help it. I've tried to stop but I can't. It must be the remnants of the shock still having effect on me. Next time you see me, if you feel like I'm checking out your brows, you're going to be right. And you can sneak a peak at my fake drawn in job. I won't care.

I can't believe I've turned into a Brow Stalker.


The Disheroons said...

I'm laughing. I am just wondering how you didn't see that. Personally I like having the unibrow. lol

Kim said...

That's so funny, Anna!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

My 15 year old got brave enough today and plucked a few of her own stray eyebrow hairs, and did an excellent job, actually--i may pay her to do mine, LOL!
Want me to send her over to you?

Nic said...

I think I just wet my pants! LOL! Don't look at my brows...I'm a plucker that needs help!

Heather said...

Okay.....this is TOO FUNNY!!!! I have gone into Clinique with NO makeup on before straight from the gym....I need to count myself lucky that I didn't get a major intervention right then and there!!! :) Robin has me on an "eyebrow plan" right now myself....she has forbidden me to tweeze any myself...she alone is in charge of plucking/tweezing. it is hard for me, but I must admit--they are starting to look better. You can tell me what you think next time you see me and "stalk" my brows!!! ha! :)