Thursday, June 10, 2010

French Polynesia

Have you ever heard of Bora Bora, French Polynesia? Man. Can you believe these bungalows that sit right on the crystal clear water?

Something we like to do from time to time is research places to travel which is what we found ourselves doing two nights ago after the boys went to bed. Me and my champagne taste-these bungalows rent for between $1000-$3000 a night so if we went we'd only stay for, you know, maybe 5 nights or so instead of 7. Wink Wink.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night starving? I did, so I just finished my bowl of Cinamon Toast Crunch and as I'm sitting hear unable to sleep at 3:30 in the morning I"m thinking about places to travel and am wandering something-Where is your favorite place to travel or vacation and why? I really want to know, so please share.


the Fosters said...

First of all, love the new haircut! It's so spunky!!!
I love to go anywhere that has a beach! I can't believe the price of bora bora! Wouldn't that be nice! I think my fav vaca is NYC!!! I think I could be a city girl!

Jennifer said...

I wake up hungry in the middle of the night almost every night. :) If I eat right before bed, sometimes I can make it until about 6.

If we took a "big" vacation we would go to Ireland. It's supposed to be beautiful and we'd love to hear some authentic Irish music. I'd also like to go to Canada or somewhere with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, etc. Oh, and Alaska. (This makes me sound like an outdoorsey person, but I'm really not. I like to hike and bike, but then I want to get a hot shower and eat a nice dinner and sleep in a soft bed.)

Heather said...

My grandparents have actually stayed there before. I know gag! My nanny is sooo spoiled. Ha! My favorite vacation is Hawaii. Our family always gets called back... It's where we were truly meant to be ;)Second would be Grand Cayman. Because the Caribbean is the best ocean. Oh, girl you shouldn't have gotten me started. Traveling is my "thing". I'm stopping now.

Amanda said...

First of all, girlie, are you preggo, up at 3:30 am, eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch?! I haven't traveled alot, but David's old company sent us to Hawaii twice and we loved Kaui! So peaceful! If you want a low-budget, close-to-home option, you and Shane HAVE to check out Oxford!! It is to die for...shops a girl like you would faint over, upscale but affordable food that can't be beat, and a picture-perfect setting. There is a little cabin/B and B we like right outside of town if you're interested, plus there is a hotel right on the Square that is nice. Oh you have to go!! 3 1/2 little hours from you:)

I am so out of blog world right now, but it was good to check in.

New Every Morning said...

That picture is dreamy.

I love love love to travel so I have several favorites(Germany, Wyoming, France, San Diego, Grand Cayman). But a couple of places that are on my dream list are Ireland/Scotland and New Zealand.

Paige said...

probably silly and a little redneck but cary and i love spending time in mtn view. it is so relaxing cause the people are PRECIOUS and there is really nothing to do cept walk around and look at antiques and crafts and stuff. we love going there to get away. going in a couple of week, matter of fact.

i've always wanted to go to colorado though. the though if skiing doesn't appeal to me. i just want to sit in a lodge/cabin in front of a fire place and snuggle and read and watch movies.