Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dallas Unwrapped

You need to know that the women in your life are always in one of two phases regarding their hair. They are either growing it out for a myriad of reasons. Maybe for the upcoming wedding or post baby because she realizes showers are a thing of yesterday and she needs the ability to wear a pony tail. OR she just got it chopped because the wedding is over or she is pregnant.
Between 3-4 months every pregnant lady will chop her hair and get bangs which she hasn't had since 7th grade. It is some kind of effort to feel younger and springier yet only results in making her look more like a bubble. She'll do this usually on her first baby and the scars will run so deep she will re-enter the growing out phase for the next 6 years. See Exhibit A.
Exhibit A

Two years ago I went from straight hair to curly. Honest to goodness I did not know I had curly hair. Here's how I found out I had some wave. Picture it. 1999. A summer discipleship training program in Florida. I meet a boy named Shane. We stay out past curfew one night hanging out on the beach. The next morning after my shower I get a knock on the door requesting my presence in "the office." So I dutifully go, wet hair and all, to get my reprimand (which was deserved considering I was in leadership that summer, tsk tsk tsk). I go back to my room to find mostly frizzy, very slightly wavy (if you squint your eyes real good) hair.

60% of women have curl and don't even know it. If your hair frizzes in humidity then you have the ability to train your hair to release the wave. It takes 2-3 weeks of so-so, OK I'll be honest, crappy looking hair to get the wave/curl going. You will have a few crispy looking hair days as you get to know your hair products. You'll research on the Internet how to get your hair to look better and you will realize it is all about the cut. Then you'll start getting the itching to go to the big city to let a real, curl cutting expert tackle your hair. You'll choose a big city near family and off you'll go.

My sister and I chose On The Avenue in Dallas. Marc Marcel had 28 reviews on . 28. Most people only have 1-4. The building was in the heart of Dallas right next to the CBS Tower.

We just had a ball on our little road trip.

This is my sis. She has super curly blond hair and is as skinny as a toothpick. Don't hate her though, she's super sweet and crafty and a good mom.

We walked into a brightly colored salon.

This is Marc cutting Natalie's hair. You can see his curly hair. He only washes his hair once a week. His curls are perfect. The thing with curly hair is you should not wash it often at all. Shampoo is not good for your hair cuticle. It's a cultural thing that we wash every day. I talked to God about it the other day and he was saying Adam and Eve never washed their hair with Pantene. I kind of had a hunch about that one.
I have waited a week to post about my new cut because, frankly after our haircuts we went to hang out with our family and got to having fun and I forgot to take an after picture. Then I wanted to see what I thought about my hair after I fixed it. I went 4 days without washing it. Now I'm on my second day and it looks better and better. I sleep on it get up and go.

So here it is. Here is the thing about an amazing hair cut. It looks like a normal cut. The difference is that my hair falls perfect and I don't have to do anything to it. Wash it one or two times a week, sleep on it, put on a shower cap so it doesn't get wet and that's it.


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Amy said...

LOVE IT!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And how great is that to only wash every now and then? SO jealous.
And hey, bring the boys by my blog and hang out any time you want!:-)

Geidlbots said...

So great! I have curly hair since I had Maryn. Now that I'm preggo again, I am growing out my hair b/c pregnant women should not have short hair--it gives you a biscuit face--and I have too many pictures to prove it. So, anyway, I am growing out, and I am ready for my hair to get long enough to wear it curly--so much more low-maintenance. I failed on the no-poo method...perhaps I will check out the curly girl method...I had three weeks of bad hair that I had to put cornstarch in or it was greaseball. Didn't you read a book about this?

The Spunky Kiwi said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! You look so young! The timing was perfect- SUMMER! That was such a fun day. Thanks for taking me with you! I am so glad you found him, helped the oil spill and look gorgeous all at once!

icthus21 said...

I love it Anna!!!!

The Redhead Riter said...

Very nice!

Great Dallas pics. I lived in Arlington most of my life :o)

New Every Morning said...

GIRL!!! I LOVE it!
You look fabulous!
Looks like you and your sister had the perfect girly getaway.

I have commitment issues when it comes to a hairstyle. The longest I keep a "do" is about 2 years. I've had it every length/style you can think of. Well, except for the mullet. :)