Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a great day!

I'm wasting the day away because I can. The dust is so bad, Luke dusted with his hands today. I grabbed a Pledge wipe for him and he had a ball. Facebook is so fun, I reconnected with an old friend who lives nearby now, and she just had a baby (csec). We visited on the phone for a long time.

Then Beck called and we both were hungry and needed to get out of the house. So, off to Micky D's we went. What a blast. The so called American Idol toys are so lame, but whatever! The Quarter Pounder meal and hot fudge sundae were good and that's what matters. Then we went to the play-park as my kids call it.

Came back home and the great debate began. Bless my house? Nap? The zone this week is the bathroom and the kids room. The mission today was clean the back of the toilet. Guess what I did? Not really a nap, definitely not the toilet. I rested for awhile and have played on the computer in my sweats. It is hard to not feel guilty for wasting time. But, it feels kind of good. Kind of good as in AWESOME! It just seems like in a couple weeks I won't have the option to waste time, so why not do it today?!


Jenny said...

Amen sister! Wasting time is one of my favorite hobbies:)

Anonymous said...

Blessing your house? Zones?.... are you a FLY girl?

If so, you'll have to teach me how to handle all those rules and zones and decluttering.
I think I'm not ready to declutter yet.... I'm a hoarder.

You, however, are Wonder Mama!