Thursday, April 10, 2008


Every day we ask the boys what they are naming the new baby. Stinky Pete always says So-see (Sophie), and Moose always says JJ. Two days ago when we asked them, they both said they were naming the new baby Shelia. How cute is that?! They have a little friend we play with every week and her mom's name is Shelia.

It is so cute to see their perspective on the new one. Stinky Pete says he's getting a sister and Moose says he's getting a brother and a sister.

We made it through the bad weather today that ended up not being as bad as predicted. Thankfully!

I cannot think of anything to cook these days. I have frozen chicken in the freezer and have completely forgotten what to do with it. All I can think of is BBQ chicken but we don't have any BBQ sauce and besides that sounds yucky to me anyway. We are out of everything! Soap, toilet paper, eggs, cheese, hairspray.

Becke' lent me the movie August Rush- it was a good one. Saturday night all the boys went to bed and I made a strawberry milkshake and watched it on the couch under my blanket my sister gave me for my birthday. It is the most comfortable blanket and it's light blue with white snow flakes-it is a fun one. It was nice to watch a movie by myself! I just talked to my friend Heather and she is getting to have a getaway for a night with her husband and they get to go eat Mexican food. That would be nice too!!!!!

It is probably time to work on my bible study. For some reason it is hard for me to focus on anything these days. All I am thinking about is the baby. And what sounds good to eat. And trying to ignore the fact that my stomach is cramping all the time and that is just part of this pregnancy at this point.

We are having a yard sale Saturday-Whooppee! And we are pricing to sell :)! We are hoping to make enough money to buy a digital camera, and if we really make lots we'd like to buy a video camera as well!


ReformedNana said...

I love reading all about your precious family. I finally got a blogspot so that I could leave comments on the sites of friends.

Aunt Neddie said...

Hey sis- I was pulling out the stuff for the asphalt sale Saturday and I found these 2 Hawaiian shirts (one is orange and one is blue) they are from Gymboree. I could see Luke in the blue and Reed in the orange. I know you just downsized all their clothes, but the other night I saw what Luke was left with to wear on his last day of being 3. I was a little disturbed that he seemed to feel extremely comfy in his bootie shorts and bikini top. Let's turn over a new leaf and cover the nephew's naval-what do ya say?

Samantha said...

Haha I love that Reed wants the baby to be named Jack Jack!

You can do just about anything you want with chicken! That pasta with chicken in it that you made me was really good... or you can bake chicken with lemon juice or bread it with mashed potato flakes or grill it after marinading it in lime juice something or other (my mom cooked chicken so many different ways 'cuz it's my favorite meat).

Jenny said...

How crazy.... Cam and I had a yard sale today with the proceeds going to get a nice digital camera.