Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Git R' Done

this has been one long day.

it was our last day of bible study. that will be good for me. i haven't been into the in-depth study type deal the last couple of weeks. i'm too unfocused right now. psalms & proverbs are much better here lately. i know i will care about the meaning of the fig tree again one day (and other things of that nature), but right now it is all about psalms, food and naps. that is where i am.

it's funny i am not in a rush to have our baby. usually i am. i guess perspective changes. especially looking at my big boys. it goes by too fast. 6 days will be here too fast. i don't want to miss any of it. i have enjoyed the last half of my pregnancy. a lot actually. however, i canNOT wait until we get to finally hold our little one.

brooke on american idol has great hair.

david cook is probably the first person on ai that i would buy the cd. he has such a great voice. he better win!

chocolate sure sounds good right now. i'm having braxton hicks contractions. i'm going to go vacuum and try not to think about it. never mind the fact that i can hardly stand up right now. it only takes 5 minutes. i can do that!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

yes, brooke has great hair and I think David Cook will probably be the last idol standing...
are you sooo sleepy? i feel sooo sleep deprived lately. i know it's just God preparing me for when Piper arrives:)