Monday, April 7, 2008


I've been trying to take it easy this week. A week and a half ago I had to go to stinkin' labor and delivery after 7 hours of stomach cramping. Today we found out our little one weights 5 pounds 10 ounces! That could explain the stomach troubles :)! If it is true that they gain a pound a week at this stage in the game, I would have a 10-11 pounder if I made it to 40 weeks! Moose was taken at 37 weeks to get him out of the environment of the womb, and this little one will be taken a tad early as well.

Friday night I woke up really feeling bad in the middle of the night. After 30 minutes in the bathroom hoping for dear life I wasn't in labor I felt better and went back to bed. I took one good look in the mirror in the midst of being sick and was thinking it is time for Operation Pregnancy Fixer Upper to begin-it was too close a call to delay the renovations any longer. I would have been horrified for anyone to see me that night. You know how if you don't dry your hair the proper way in the proper window you end up with a heap of trouble on your head? That was me that night. Careless hairdrying after my shower leading to a very scary sight!

I kept thinking I can't have this baby tonight. My roots need done, my brows need waxed, my nails need done, my hair needs a good Chi-ironing, the list was long! The fears were legit!

On a different note my baby is having a birthday and I am having a terrible time with it. He is having 3 parties because I'm trying to deal with it. He is reaping the benefits of a sentimental, hormonal mommy. Tonight he said, "After I take my nap I will wake up and be soar " Sniff. Yes, that is true. Someone pass the chocolate please...oh wait, I don't need them because I'm baking another batch of 24 cupcakes tommorow!

One last thing. Today I stepped on the scales at the doc's office and she moved the bar to 200, and the next bar to 23, and I almost fell over right there. I kept blinking thinking, what the ... ..., how in the..., oh my...I know we're having a birthday celebration every day these days, but can it really be?!! Anyway, long story short my mean old husband was standing with his lead foot on the scale!!! What a mean trick huh?! Funny but mean! It felt AWESOME to loose 40 pounds in 30 seconds!


Amanda said...

That's really funny!!! So you're due right around Maryn's bday. She's May 10. Anna, you need a girl. I am praying girl right this second. You've GOT TO pass on your girliness to somebody!!!

Stuart Fam said...

223 huh? I about wet my pants! I mean, I knew there was no way you were weighing in at that! Shame on Shane! Can we still bring the boys tonight to share in sitting?
Are you resting today? I did pilates a while ago and what does it say when your midsection is already screaming foul language at you? (It probably says I should do it again!) Did you go look at the Colonial yet?

Emily said...

Yes I remember you!!I have a ton of pictures from that summer in CO to prove it!! your boys are precious! can;t wait to find out what this one are so brave to wait, we tried not to find out but couldn;t stand it!! And the third time around, we HAD to know becasue we had not a single blue thing in the house..which didn;t matter becasue we didn;t need it :)
We need to trade "recipies!" That's what I tell Sarah M.!!

Jenny said...

hehehe:) silly Shane! I bet you were shocked!!! When I went to the doc last week they said Piper was already 5lb 10 ounces, too:(... I was really hoping for a wee one. She said she'll probably induce around May 1st so hopefully she won't be gigantic!!