Saturday, April 19, 2008

I might not be ready!

Last night we were watching the Bourne Ultimatum and clearly as I was watching I was thinking through if I am ready for our baby to come. What? Don't you think about this kind of stuff in the Bourne movies?! So, I am wide awake and have found some crazy stuff on the internets (as W. calls it). Here ya go:

What Does a Newborn Need?
Not sure what a newborn baby needs? Here is a checklist of the basic items parents will need once they bring their newborn home.

Nappy bin with secure lid
Newborn size nappies
Nappy rash cream
Blunt ended scissors (what the heck?!)
Baby bath with stand (optional)
Sun cover for pram
Nappy bag to use when out
Set of bottles and teats

I don't think this person shops at Target. And I wish I knew what the heck a nappy was cause we are fresh out of nappies at our house.

Now for the hospital bag recommendations I found comical:
Pillows from home (If you are a pillow snob this is understandable, but seriously...)
Water bottles for ice (are you kidding me?)
Your own wash cloths (and you don't want to use the ones provided for you because???)
Change of clothes for partner, including swim trunks for shower or pool

First off, when's the last time you saw a pool at the hospital? Second of all, who wears a swimsuit in the shower?


Megan said...

Nappies are diapers in United Kingdom language. Surely you have some of those?

The swimsuit is for the couple who are unconventional giving birth or at least laboring in water via a pool or shower to help the pain of natural labor. If you want a pool you can probably rent one-that was suggested to us although we declined :D. Maybe the kids would like it and it would keep them busy while you have a baby? JK.

I didn't know English folk used the word "teats" for "nipples". I might try that. Both make me giggle since I'm still a six year old girl but teats seems a little less exposed.

So there ya go. Miss Know-It-All to the rescue!

Megan Schell

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I saw something similar when I was trying to get ready, and it turns out it was a UK site. I wondered what the heck some of that stuff was too.

Stuarts said...

hee, hee, said "teats" and "nappies."

Amanda Geidl said...

I was gonna say that sounds a bit British. :) I just thought that in my best British accent. Alls you need is a carseat and some clothes and toiletries. I do take my own advil b/c I ain't payin' $11 a pill. Of course, next time, I'll be sure to inform the nurse that I have into a bit of trouble with that last time (they have to know what you're taking and when).

Stuart Fam said...

Good to know that you now have lots of teats and things to wash the teats in! You are also in the nappies business...even if the kid comes out 20 will have it covered. (No pun intended.)

Sarah said...

What the hoo haw is pram?