Monday, December 17, 2007


If there are two words to describe the presents Shane and I wrapped last night, they are Ghetto-Fabulous. Is it bad that when you look at the package you wander if it was wrapped in Scotch tape or wrapping paper? At age 31, I have accepted the fact that I am wrapping paper challenged. Last year was the closet I came to Martha approved wrapping-we used brown craft paper and tied each package with Raffia bows or satin ribbon. They had a nice simple charm to them. This year however, not so much. Apparently the wrapping paper I bought after Christmas last year is flimsier than our one-ply toilet paper. Not to mention all the awkward shaped toys that blondie should've thought to ask for boxes for, but didn't think of it until last night. My friend Becke' has the most precious black paper with white polka dots, and there are also red and white gingham wrapped gifts, perfectly coordinated and wonderful. I can't wait until Christmas with my extended mom and sister will also like Becke' have exquisitely wrapped gifts with bobbles hanging from the handmade bows, and here will come Santa Claus right down chimney lane carrying loads of Ghetto-Fabulous gifts for the loved ones, complete with individual Swiss Army Knives to unwrap the beasts!!!

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Becke' said...

I feel so special to have been commented on having pretty presents because I am so NOT Martha Stewart (similar last name though!) :)