Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Three Wise Men

The other night at dinner Stinky Pete said, "Hey Mom, I gotta show ya somethin'!!" He pulled down the picture he colored at church (with hot pink marker of course!) and it was the three wise men. He said, "This one has meat, this one has soup, and this one has money!" Just making sure the world knows, they took soup, meat and money to Mary, and when they delivered it they bowed like you would at the end of a Broadway production.

Yesterday we were browsing through Classic Touch, a local decorative store, and there were three wise men by the manger scene. Same story...Stinky Pete who is this? "Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus." And what do these people have? "They are the three wise men and this one has soup, this one has money, and this one has meat." Who knows?!!?!!!

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