Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fancy Sheets

For my birthday I used a gift card and bought a pair of 400 thread count, white damask stripe sheets. We used them last night and they are so amazing and pretty. Oversized and tucked nicely on all edges of the bed. They have that fancy hotel feel to them! I had some concern when I read the washing machine instructions and it said use the delicate cycle, tumble dry low, and STEAM IRON AS NECESSARY. Please tell me none of you iron your sheets. We're calling them the fancy sheets! I also got a beautiful white matalesse coverlet, but after some converstation with Shaney, I'm taking it back. Our house is very kid friendly, we live in our house, and don't have many off limits things for the boys. I'm afraid that if I used my pretty white coverlet I would stroke the first time red sticky hands left their mark on it and we just don't need that now do we?!! So, the white coverlet is going back, and I will get another someday. For now, our machine washable duvet will suit just fine. It has shrunk on the sides from 7 years of frequent washing (b/c of sticky little hands :), but the fancy sheets make me not care about that anymore. Yeah for nice sheets that smell like April Fresh Downy!!!


Beck said...

I just have to know if 400 thread count feel amazingly better than 200???

Amanda Geidl said...

400 count...amazing.