Monday, June 3, 2013

Hair Update

I love my friends.

The morning after my last post I got a text, and I quote, "Don't you dare break down and wash your hair. It is a baseball game.  Wear a hat." 

It was just the motivational text I needed to keep me going.  With that said, I made it a full 5 days last week without one single shampoo.  I went from being an every single day washer, to going 5 days for the hair experiment.  The thing that kept me going was wearing my hair up on days 3, 4 and 5.  Pony tail messy bun and one of those elastic head band thingy's.  And big earrings.  And baseball caps.

Sunday morning it felt so good to finally shampoo.  When you go 5 days without shampooing, your hair gets nas-tay.  I mean, it is going to look and feel horrible.  But beauty can be painful.  This is where Nike helps, Just Do It. 

My hair was felt fluffy, shiny and healthy after I blow dried it.  Something has happened to my ends though.  They are looking like straw.  So dead and frizzy looking on the ends.  Some may say that is a result of over processing but I don't think so.  If you see me sometime in the future with brown hair, you'll know I have come out of denial.

Here's another interesting thing.  Today I did not wash my hair and it looks and feels so-so.  Good enough that I am wearing it down.  Does not feel as gross as it did last week.

Hopefully less shampooing really will work and cause my hair to grow faster and look healthier.

You know what I thought of though?  The pool.  I'll have to do some research to see how to handle that without shampoo.  Cause nappy hair is one thing.  Nappy green hair is another thing entirely.


Amy said...

Ummm...sorry, but can you direct me to the bugs and sunshine blog? This can't be it with all the talk of unwashed hair and natural hair color. Thanks. :-)

New Every Morning said...

You make me smile. Nappy hair and all.