Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why I fake tanned today

Do you want to know why I shaved my legs, fake tanned, and painted my toes Lapazitively Hot?  Because Shane called this morning.  He had the boys hold my hand and lead me to the armoire.  He told me to open it.  This is the note he left hidden behind the door.

"Adventure awaits the whole family tonight.  Be Ready!  Dad"

I started hootin' and hollerin!  That is the coolest surprise ever.  I sent him a text saying, "We could be going to the elementary school walking track up the road for all I care, I'm just excited about a surprise."

But just in case it is something different than going up to the school ball court I threw on a summer dress, painted my toes, and put some jewelry on.

My Mom got this dress at the Sam's Club for $16.  It is so comfy.  JCPenny also sells these little summer dresses.  They are called flip flop dresses are are usually under $20.  Every summer I try to add another to my collection.  They are soft cotton and so comfy.

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