Monday, June 10, 2013

Backyard Oasis

Last week we worked and worked on our backyard. We had five huge flowerbeds.  Two of them spanned the entire right and left sides of our yard.  If you've ever tried to keep beds that size weeded and mulched, then you know what a headache they are.

With the hardworking help of family, neighbors and friends, we got a ton knocked out last week.   Trees trimmed, beds reshaped and remulched, bushes moved around, new trees planted.  Shane has gotten good at growing maple trees and new crepe myrtles from seeds that drop into our yard.  We planted nine crepe myrtles along the fence line, all home grown from seed.

In one smaller-ish flower bed we planted two camellias.  They have beautiful foliage on them and pink flowers.

Along the back fence line we planted three loropetalum, my new favorite purple bush.  It grows 6-8 feet tall and is a gorgeous purple.  You can shape them or let them go free form.

And last but not least, my white hydrangea bed.  Two oak leaf hydrangea bushes (above) and one Annabelle snowball hydrangea (below).  This is the bed that makes me want to cry with happiness.  

Yesterday morning before church I just sat and enjoyed for nearly two hours.  It was so nice I did it again this morning.  Both mornings I saw a bird chasing a squirrel.  Phil and Kay would have been in an uproar.

So this has been a semi-lazy, semi-productive morning around these parts.  I'm still in my bathrobe and it's 11am.  I'm on my third load of laundry.  Have the cream cheese softening and am about to make a chocolate peanut butter pie for the new neighbors.  Other than that a trip to the store is on the agenda and one more trip to the grass farm for a final pallet of sod. 

After we get the last bit of sod laid, hopefully this evening, I'll post pics.

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The Rippy's said...

You'll LOVE your new neighbors!!!! Some of my favorite people!!! :)