Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Big Reveal

So all afternoon Shane was texting us clues for the big night.  When we got home from a play date this was on the counter.  Three ziplocks, numbered, with coins and money in them.

Stop one: The video store to play Pacman, Galaga and Ms. Pacman.  And you can see who the biggest kid of them all is...I gave him my extra round because I love him.  Have you ever experienced the game store?  You see all kinds at the video game store.  Grown men in Superman t-shirts.  Men in black.  Young kids sipping energy drinks.  My son told me him and his friends are "Christian Gamers."

The next stop was dinner at a Kids Eat Free place in town.  Then the we went to a card shop and the boys each got to pick out a new pack of collecting cards.  Another interesting stop.  Here is a glimpse of the pre-game talk at the card shop.  "Boys, we may see some interesting people in this store.  DO NOT say ANYTHING until we get back in the bus."  It was a fairly uneventful trip inside.  A man in an Angry Birds t-shirt was about the wildest thing we saw. 

The third and final stop.  A trip to the new gas station.  Boy have we been talking this up around our house.  During March Madness each member of our family got $1 to put into the family pot.  I told them that if I won (which I did, I think?) that when the new gas station opened I would take them to get any drink their little hearts desired.

Last night was the night.  Clean cement on the outside.  Freshly mulched beds.  The inside smells like a new house.  And the drink choices lived up to every expectation I ever imagined.  I got a Dr. Pepper Icee.

Be careful with adding flavor to your Cokes though.  In the words of my husband, "Two pumps of cherry will make your drink taste like Robitussin."

We filled 'er up with unleaded and headed home.

Family Adventure Night was a huge score wrapped up nicely with Couch Bed Night. 

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Amy said...

I just love this!! I bet the boys will remember this one for a long time. Such a fun night out, totally worth the spray tan!! :-)