Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Am A Hoarder

I think deep down I have hoarder tendencies.  Sure, we have yard sales and my house stays fairly tidy, but Mylanta you should've seen the stuff we unloaded today.

Last night when we were on our way home from a dinner, we were keeping our fingers crossed that a nearby neighbor would be having a sale today as well, and we could piggy back off their signage.

We hit the mother load.  At both entrances of the hood, two store bought signs were strategically placed.  High fives all around!  Score!  Same street and everything, cha-ching.  The not so cha-chingy part...their sale was starting at 6am.  We are strict 8am starters.  Except for when our neighbors put up high end signage and hey Jack, you're not going to hear any complaining here.

This could very well be the most drastic sale we've done.  After reading the book Seven, I'll be honest.  I was physically sick to my stomach at all the junk we had stored up in the attic.  30+ empty tubs and trash bags later we have drastically thinned down our stuff.  And the attic?  Only has Christmas, Fall, seasonal clothes and a couple keepsake boxes.

We staged our house when we put it on the market.  Emptied out closets and drawers.  And guess what?  I LOVED the thinned down house.  So I sold all sorts of things.  Linens, towels, table cloths, tons of decorating stuff.  And now I have empty spaces in my house and it feels like I can breathe easier.

Parking both cars in the garage helps too.

And you probably figured this, but blowing out the garage when it's all clean is high on my love language list.  Right up there near bacon.

Speaking of.

PBB.  That's right baby.  I tried the Peanut Butter Bacon shake.  Had to.  What if I lived my whole life wandering what might have been.  It was surprising.  The most surprising part was the super crispy bacon pieces that came up through the straw every time I took a sip.  Crazy stuff man.  Get the mini and try it just to say you did.  I actually think if I ever got it again I would get a Peanut Butter Fudge Bacon.  But my all time favorite is still Pineapple.  Oy Vay.  Come to Mama.

As you know, crazy things happen to the innards of your house when you've spent the last hours unpacking your attic and garage.  All the laundry is caught up and now I am off to restore order and shine some floors.  Right before I take some Advil.  This chick is running on 3 hours of sloop.  Um, I mean sleep.

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