Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morning People

I just read an article on, "Why God wants us to be morning people."

Pish posh.

After 36 years I have come to grips with the fact that I'm a grunter when I wake up and I hate the morning time. 

I come from a long line of grunters and haters.

The morning is tough times for me.  As are Mondays.  Every other time of the day/week we are golden.

But man, don't go spiritualizing the morning.  I love Jesus a lot.  Just don't like the morning time. 

Our littlest guy got a nasty 2nd degree burn on his arm Sunday evening.  It has been the most heart wrenching thing, as he has had to get it cleaned at the doctor.  We are hoping in a few more days he'll be in the clear.

Last week we lost a huge tree branch in the storm.  That has led to trimming all the trees which is leading to sprucing up the backyard.  My style of yard is orderly, low maintenance, perennials.  We have this and that growing in the back.  This morning as we were sitting on the patio Shane looked at me and said, "Man, our plants look junked up."  And I wholeheartedly agreed.

We have some massive flower beds that we are about to downsize.  I could take some before and after pictures if you want.

My main dilemma is trying to decide what kind of privacy hedge we want to plant along the back fence.  We need something that grows at least 8 feet.  Any advice would be appreciated. 

We are probably going to have some crepe myrtles up for grabs...if anyone local wants them you are welcome to them.  We'll also be digging up some monkey grass, mums, and other plants.  Let me know if you'd like any of it!


Autumn Watson said...

red tip fotinas. idk if i spelled that right or not. they grow fast if you're looking for quick privacy. however, they're not my fave because they can get unruly. you have to trim them. :)

Anonymous said...

red tip fotinas. idk if i spelled that or not. they grow very quickly but they're not my fave since they can be a little unruly. you have to trim them. hope this helps and hope my comment wasnt posted twice lol. autumn w.

New Every Morning said...

I am reminded once again that we are kindred spirits. I don't do mornings. My sweet hubby is all "let's chit chat and laugh and smooch and plan our lives" in the morning if I make eye contact. That kind of nonsense is for the hours of 7pm- 11pm. :)
So, I'm guessing you're not selling the house?? Or is the plant relocation action for "curb appeal?" Just curious! ;)