Monday, April 23, 2012


One thing I've been thinking about is how I can bring life to my home, family and friends.  Last week I read a thought provoking challenge in 31 Days To Clean.  Sarah Mae gave a challenge to view your domain (home) as something to make come alive!  The question asked of me was to think about what I can do today to bring life to my home, children, husband and sphere of influence.

This is the reason I packed a candle for our hotel room when we traveled last week.  It's the reason I always pack a candle when we travel.  It's the reason I light a candle every single day.  Now I can put words to why that makes me so happy.  It is because a lit candle makes the space come alive!

It's the reason I baked cookies at 10pm Thursday night.  Shane was leaving for a trip and I wanted him and his friends to have a home baked snack.

It's the reason I jotted down a quick note and tucked it inside his suitcase.  A little happy and remembrance that we loved him and wanted him to have a refreshing time away.

It's the reason it is so cute to see the boys climbing on the fence to talk to Mr. Bob, our elderly neighbor.  We got rolled last weekend (Prom!) and as we were cleaning it up my boys were pretty sure Mr. Bob and Mrs. Betty brought a ladder over during the night and rolled our house.  They are in there 80's.  It could be....

It's the reason we're eating lots of good fruits and veggies.  We have a friend in Community Group who is challenging me to eat healthier.  She probably doesn't realize she's teaching me, but she is.  I've noticed the difference in what she brings to the dinner each week and what I bring.  Her food is always full of life and health. 

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